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Why Carls Broadway Network?

ALPHA2.0 is a CLOUD based direct sales and MLM Software solution offered exclusively by Carls Broadway Network. ALPHA2.0 puts you in control to lead your market space instead of just compete in it. ALPHA2.0 offers everything your distributors require to hit the ground running today and build a future for tomorrow ALPHA2.0 offers everything with an affordable Cloud licensing structure

Cloud Based Technology

ALPHA2.0 is built on a global “Cloud” infrastructure and our patented cloud architecture, where by not stored on single server in a single location, so you never need to worry about data security and localized disasters interrupting your services or access.

Customizable Web Design & WordPress Integration

ALPHA2.0 believes that your website is an extension of your brand and you have endless customization options, whether using our pre-built designs & built-in editors or a custom design as we support all Bootstrap and WordPress based design


Give your Distributors all the information they need and a clear view of their up and down lines with Real-Time Genealogy displays.

Replicated Distributor Sites

Provide your distributors with replicated websites with details that give them the credit they deserve for bringing sales to the organization.

Commission Calculations

Forget manual commission or bonus calculations. CBN-500 calculates all of your organizations commissions and bonuses seamlessly for you and your team based on your comp plan.

Shopping Cart & Autoship

ALPHA2.0 offers simplified and efficient shopping cart and recurring Auto-ship functionality to ensure the best fit with your company goals and objectives

Shopify & Woocommerce Integration

ALPHA2.0 doesn’t take you on a hostage to use our default shopping cart with our restrictions. Rather, we provide you complete independence to choose your shopping cart. ALPHA2.0 is quite sophisticated and it can be integrated with cart leaders like SHOPIFY and Woo-commerce on your business decision and demand.

Complete Business Control

From Company Management to Product and Order Management to Distributor Management. You have complete administrative control over your software and your company

Payment Gateways

ALPHA2.0 supports a wide range of common Payment Gateways out of the box and can be integrated with your existing Payment Gateway if needed.

E-Wallet Management

ALPHA2.0 offers built-in E-Wallet management which efficiently manages your commissions and create absolute confidence and transparency with your distributors

Mobile Responsive

With ALPHA2.0 your system is completely compatible with handheld devices as we are mobile responsive.


Our customer service is among one of the best and is committed to resolving all your issues with 24×7 supports to any possible queries and inquiry for your growth.

Looking for an excellent MLM Business solution ?

Our comprehensive, fully customizable MLM Software solution helps DSOs simplify operations and distributors become more efficient. By providing innovative commerce and payment solutions, CBN allows your organization to become more aligned with today’s customer expectations.